Edible Hydrosols (Herb Water) Manufacturer and wholesale provider in India

Aadhunik Ayurveda vitals is the only best hydrosol manufacturer in India which uses the traditional method of making the herb waters. These herb water/hydrosols are edible and highly therapeutic for body, skin and hair.

What is hydrosol?

Hydrosol are steam distilled water of plant material like leaf, stem, flower, barnk, root, resins etc. Hydrosol is not anything new.These are traditionally known as ark or arrk. The use of hydrosol/ark has been known to people living in different times and traditions across the world. Hydrosol is a scientific name where hydro means water and sol means solution. These hydrosols can be used for multiple purposes - eat, inhale & apply. A good quality hydrosol is made using the clean technique of steam distillation with just no use of any chemicals or preservatives.

It's easy to order the best quality hydrosol online here.

Hydrosols are available in wholesale/bulk quantities at Aadhunik Ayurveda. In case your choice of hydrosol is not available in the list, we can still make it on our distillery basis the availability of raw material for the same.

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the best organic hydrosol-herb water manufacturer and wholesale provider in India with its own world class distillery equipped with traditional know-how and safety/hygiene.

Aadhunik Ayurveda Vitals is the best wholesale supplier of hydrosols from india like rose hydrosol, kashmiri lavender hydrosol, himalayan chamomile hydrosol, fennel hydrosol, rajasthan vetiver hydrosol and much more.

You will find many hydrosol manufacturers in India however best quality edible hydrosol manufacturers are next to negligible. Hence while taking hydrosol, make sure to buy steam distilled, edible ( if the herb is edible, the hydrosol produced is edible too), no adulterated or diluted, no colour or preservative.

At Aadhunik Ayurveda, you can find more than 40 varieties of hydrosol with you. Please refer to the list of hydrosols on the website. In case your choice of hydrosol is unavailable, it can be manufactured in our distillery based on the availability of the raw material.

You can order hydrosol online by emailing us the quantity and thereby we shall give you the price. Once we receive the funds, we dispatch the order.

Jasmine hydrosol is one exceptional hydrosol that smells very different to its original fresh flower aroma. What is usually available in the name of jasmine hydrosol is synthetically prepared water or often the jasmine absolute that contains preservatives.

Floral hydrosols are made using flowers like rose, lavender, chamomile, daisy etc. Aadhunik Ayurveda manufactures steam distilled floral hydrosols that can be used as skin toner, food & beverages flavor, instant green tea drops, linen spray etc.

Indian Hydrosol industry producing rose water, vetiver water and many other wood & resins water & aroma was the backbone of trade between India and the world. The Indians knew the art of making the quality hydrosol and the diversity made available different raw materials like rose, lavender, vetiver, cedar etc. However with the chemicals - synthetic fragrance making its way everywhere, the industry has been forced to close. Know more about hydrosols here.

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