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Oily Skin Soap
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Here is how we make soap?
Oils and Butters (Fat)
luke warm in temperature are added to the vessel in desired proportion for making the soap.
Lye is added to the oils to saponify the oil. Lye & water temperature is cooled down
to around 100° F /38° C before
adding to the vessel.
Other ingredients like herb exfoliators/essential oils/milk are added
to the vessel. The batter is blended to make it smooth and thick before it is poured into the pipes.
The temperature is maintained
anywhere between 98° F to 105° F /36° C
TO 40° C approximately.
Increase in temperature may lead to loss of nutrients of heat sensitive oils and herbs.
The batter is shifted to square thin pipes to ensure quick cooling which otherwise can rise internal temperature similar to volcano activity creating nutrient loss.
Kept in cool temperature controlled
room for next 6-8 weeks.
Pushed out of pipes after 4-7 days and
cut into bars as per the decided
weight in grams.
Stamped and left to dry and turn hard
over 6-8 weeks in cold room.
Packed and dispatched.
FAT + LYE = SOAP ( Saponified Oil)
We make soap to benefit the skin and not to appeal you with perfume, colour etc.
How we are different from other cold press soap makers
  • Use cold pressed oils and steam distilled essential oils made by us, hence this ensures purity of ingredients in the soap.
  • Use special innovative design vessels and batter drying pipes to produce an effective nutrient rich soap bar.
  • Do not use any synthetics like –Fragrance/perfume, colour, soap noodle, soap base, hardening & chelating agents, surfactants, etc.

Make your own REAL SOAP

You finalise a recipe and we make it for you.
Seek advice from our team of formulators/pharmacists.
Be a part of the making
Soap Packaging Available
Soap Trays Available
Choose design from below or share your design and we get it made for you
Best Private Labeling Firm
  • Capacity to make 10k soap bars per day.
  • Carton and label design and labeling assistance available.
  • Printing assistance available.
  • Manufacturing license and other certification in place.
  • Packaging assistance available.

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