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Aadhunik Ayurveda is the best certified organic, clean body care products manufacturer in India. With the wide range of private label & custom formulation body care products available with us in tune to market demand and changing consumer patterns, we are a preferred manufacturer for personal care products globally catering to countries like U.S, Canada, Australia, parts of Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia etc.

With a dedicated team of experts, a world class facility equipped with modern day equipment and good manufacturing practices, we develop products keeping in view the vision of your brand. We work to give your vision, your concept the shape you like to see with our team of formulators and complete in-house laboratory to ensure satisfaction and no delays.

We are known as the best body care products manufacturer and indeed with an experience of more than half a decade formulating 100% chemical & preservative free skin care products like body wash, body polisher, body moisturizer, bath oils, hand & feet care products and much more, we have successfully developed products for international brands keeping in mind the texture, consistency, color, aroma, function, target concern etc.

Best Private label body care products manufacturer & exporter

Aadhunik Ayurveda has been manufacturing various personal care products with clean and certified organic ingredients using no nasties at all. We have manufactured lacs of bottles and jars of various body care products on the names of world famous brands that are used by people all over the world. We offer the following services -

  1. Private label of the products- You can choose the products from the set of products and we simply private label those on your brand name.
  2. Custom formulation - We can customize the formulation as per the changes desired by you in terms of addition of hero ingredients, consistency, texture, color, aroma etc. However we at Aadhunik do not work with ingredients that are of concern to the human body. The product may be slightly expensive but we just do not make use of ingredients like sulfates, parabens or their family ingredients.

Manufacturer of complete range of body care products

We manufacture body care products like body wash/cleanser, body lotion/moisturizer, body butter, intimate hygiene wash product, massage oils, hand and feet care products, gel based body care products etc.

Explore products in detail with multiple options available to choose from as per your need.


With years of manufacturing expertise, we are producing hygiene products for various concerns like hand hygiene, intimate hygiene, body hygiene etc. The gentle yet effective formulas are available with us through our private label services.


We are the best manufacturer of bath and body products manufacturing in bulk the products for various brands and different segments as per the need and budget of the brand. The products are 100% in tune to certified organic practices and global standards.


Zero waste cleansers are fast becoming the trend because of the rising climate change concerns as a result we are the leading manufacturer of private label cold processed soaps producing thousands of soap bars everyday to cater to the growing demands of clean and environment friendly brands in India and other countries. The soaps are made using cold pressed oils, steam distilled essential oils and lye only. Hence we are the preferred manufacturer of natural zero waste soap for body and hair.


Best goat milk soap manufacturer and exporter in the world making the soap using traditional cold process soap making using raw goat milk sourced from himalayan goats. The process is time consuming and labor intensive but delivers soap bars of exceptional quality which can be felt when used. You can choose to order multiple varieties of goat milk soap based on the skin type, herb type etc.


Best manufacturer of body and hair massage oils. Our oils are prepared using traditional knowledge methods - charm & kesaya rasayana like cold pressing, herb infusion, etc. Know the making of herb infused oils here.


Best private label manufacturer of body lotion/moisturizer in India. We make body lotion as per the need and budget of the brand keeping in view the texture, consistency, aroma and function(skin type) it needs to perform. These body lotions can be packed in your choice of bottles with your logo on them through our most affordable service of private label - which calls for least investment and low moq’s.


It's no more challenging to find a the best manufacturer for clean, certified organic skin care products in India simply because Aadhunik Ayurveda provides complete skin care product solution from an idea in mind to formulation, to product development, to prototype testing on humans & in lab and finally assisting in packaging and designing to ease the launch of your skin care brand. Get in touch with us today and we shall guide you with our years of market insights, experience and help you create your skincare brand with least investment and low moq’s.


Certifications are important and Aadhunik Ayurveda believes in adhering to domestic and global standards in areas of manufacturing, quality check, raw material inspection, final check, laboratory testing and performance of the product. Years of experience in manufacturing the mixed bag of products for both global and international brands, we understand changing demand patterns, the need, the trend, the climatic specific product requirement and much more. All this with organic quality ingredients help us deliver the best to our brands in different parts of the world.

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