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Cinnamon, also known as dalchini in Hindi is a delicious and powerful spice with effective medicinal benefits. The unique aroma & flavour makes the herb widely used in the kitchen.

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Physico-chemical and Phytochemical Study & Microbial Analysis of Cinnamon Hydrosol

Abstract: Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum) has been used since the ancient period due to its medicinal values. It has antimicrobial, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. Cinnamaldehyde and eugenol are highly present in cinnamon bark.


Cinnamon (Cinnamomum aeylanucim), a member of the family Lauraceae, is a tropical evergreen tree, native to Sri Lanka and the Malbar coast of India. It is called differently in different languages such as dalchini in Hindi.

Cinnamon has been used in food preparations and in traditional medicine by the Egyptians and the Chinese since ancient times approximately 250 species of cinnamon genus have been identified globally which are not only used as a flavouring agent but also in medicinal, antimicrobial and antioxidant applications.


The cinnamon also acts as a natural food preservative. The medicinal applications of cinnamon are the treatment of diarrhea, flatulent dyspepsia, influenza, cough etc. Cinnamon exhibits anti-inflammatory, antimycotic, insecticidal and anticancer properties.

The chemical composition of cinnamon is broadly explored. Each part of the plant has different phytochemicals which have immense medicinal values showing the presence of phytochemicals and the plant parts. The bark contains cinnamaldehyde, a vasodilator, and a hypoglycemic agent.

The present work evaluates the aromatic waters/ hydrosol of Cinnamon obtained as innovative commercial products of a steam distillation process.

The following tables provide records on the most commonly tested physico-chemical, phytochemicals, and Microbiological evaluation in Cinnamon Hydrosol.

Product Name CinnamonHydrosol/ Herb Water
Botanical Name Cinnamomum zeylanicum
Manufacturing Process Steam distillation only
Part Used Dried inner bark
Produce 100% chemical & preservative free
Usage Cosmetic, Body & Skincare, Health & Wellness, Aromatherapy, Natural perfumery
Cultivation Parts of India


This parameter is done to analyse the physicochemical, phytochemical and microbial activity test of Cinnamon Hydrosol.

1.1 Physico-chemical Analysis of Cinnamon Bark Hydrosol

Various physico-chemical parameters of Cinnamon hydrosol were analysed which were important for production of value added products.

Result of physicochemical attributes of analysis in a sample of Cinnamon Bark Hydrosol
Properties Specifications Results
Physical Appearance Transparent liquid, like water Conforms
Colour Clear colourless to slightly cloudy liquid Conforms
Odour Warm, refreshing, spicy sweet Conforms
Solubility Soluble in water & alcohol, insoluble in fats/fixed oils Conforms
pH(25°) 3-7 3.76
Acid Value 0.04% Conforms
Refractive Index 1.545-1.600@20° 1.570
Specific Gravity 9g/ml) 0.990-1.050@25° 1.020

1.2 Total Present of Components

Components Range % %
Cinnamon Hydrosol >99.95% 74.4
Cinnamic acetate 0.4-15 5.67
Eugenol 1-35 3.31

1.3 Heavy Metals Test Result

Heavy Metal Test Specification (%) Result(%)
Arsenic (As) NA Not detected
Lead (pb) NA Not detected
Mercury (Hg) NA Not detected
Cadmium (Cd) NA Not detected
Copper (Cu) NA Not detected

1.4 Result of Phytochemical Analysis of Cinnamon Bark Hydrosol

The following result were obtained after performing the phytochemical test:

This method includes the selective and successive extraction of the plant phytochemical. The analysis of the presence of the main group of natural constituents present in the plant extract was done using different specific reagents. Chemical tests were done to identify bioactive compounds of pharmacological importance through standard methods. Phytochemicals such as were qualitatively determined.

S.No. Phytochemical Tests Cinnamon Bark Hydrosol Specification Results
1. Carbohydrate (-ve) Not present
2 Coumarin (+ve) Highly present
3 Terpenoids (+ve) Highly present
4 Glycoside (-ve) Not present
5 Phenol (+ve) Slightly present

1.5 Result of Microbial Analysis of Cinnamon Hydrosol

Microbial Specification Results
Aerobic Mesophilic Bacterial Count <100 CFU/g Conforms
Yeast and Mould <10 CFU/g Conforms


  1. Appearance- The Cinnamon hydrosol/aromatic water is in a liquid form similar to water. That is because it is soluble in water.
  2. Colour- The cinnamon hydrosol is a clean, colourless to slightly cloudy liquid.
  3. Odour- The odour of a cinnamon hydrosol is derived from the dried inner bark of a cinnamon. The odour of cinnamon aromatic water has a warm, refreshing, spicy, sweet, mildly aromatic aroma. However the aroma changes from season to season with variety in its volatile compounds due to various climatic changes factors like - temperature, rainfall, humidity and soil health etc.
  4. Solubility- It is soluble in water and alcohol but insoluble in fat/fixed oils.
  5. pH- A pH of 7 is neutral, above 7 the pH is alkaline and below 7 the pH is acidic.
  6. Acidity/Acidic- Cinnamon aromatic water is acidic in nature as it has a low pH, as opposed to a base, which has a higher pH.
  7. Specific Gravity- is used to define the weight of a liquid as compared to density at a specific temperature. If the specific gravity for a cinnamon hydrosol is less than 1, that means the material will flow in the reference substances, and if the water sample is more than 1, that means the material will sink in the reference material.
  8. Heavy Metals- this test is done to check for irregular levels of toxic or potentially harmful metals. The Heavy Metal Limit test is based on the reaction of metallic impurities with hydrogen sulphide or sodium sulphide in an acidic medium to produce metal sulphide which provides brown coloration.
  9. Microbial Test- is important and required by many industries worldwide, where human health is at risk of being adversely affected by disease-causing bacterial & virus, and microbial toxins.

Microbiological evaluation of a sample is the use of biological, biochemical, molecular or chemical methods for the identification of microorganisms in a sample.

Observations of Phytochemical Tests for Cinnamon Hydrosol

1. Carbohydrate

No, presence of purple ring, which shows there is no present of carbohydrate.

2. Coumarin

High presence of yellow colour, which shows the presence of coumarin.

3. Terpenoids

High presence of red brown interference, which shows the presence of terpenoids.

4. Glycoside

No formation of brown ring, which shows there is no presence of glycoside.

5. Phenol

Slightly presence of black colour, which shows the presence of phenol.



The aim of this study was to investigate phytochemicals activity of the hydrosol of commercial samples of cinnamon bark. The obtained results indicated the presence of coumarins, terpenoids, glycoside and phenolic compounds in the hydrosol of cinnamon bark.

Hence extensive research is required to find out the mechanism of action of other compounds in cinnamon and exploit their therapeutic potential to combat various diseases. Therefore, Cinnamon plays an important role in the modern system of medicine as a multipurpose medicinal spice.


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It is a powerful beverage filled with antioxidants and offers several health benefits, as it may reduce blood sugar levels, & improve heart health.

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