Apricot Oil Making

100% Chemical Free & Preservative Free Produce
Apricot is a tree usually grown in deep – well drained soil in Himalayan range. It is very sensitive as late frost if happens can damage the bloom, hence the fruit.
The tree produces edible fruit in the month of June – July.
Some trees give fruit every alternate year or every third year.
We keep a close association with the farmer.
The fruit is plucked by the farmer. There after the pulp and seed are separated.
Collected seeds are bought to our cold pressing unit located in Himalayan foothills.
From plucking, seed- pulp separation, de-hulling & finally preparing the cold pressed oil from quality produce with hygiene is highly labour intensive.
The outer shell of the seed is broken to take the seed out. Every 1 kg of Apricot hard shelled seed gives about 250 grams kernels.
Oil is made from kernel using traditional cold pressing technique.
The best technique to produce nutrient and flavour rich Edible oil.
Apricot Related Product - Raw Material
Cold pressed Apricot Oil
Available in different
size packs.
Apricot Meal/Cake
Available in cake form and coarse powder form
Apricot Powder
Fine powdered
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" GMP Certified & FSSAI Approved "
If your choice of oil is not listed/available with us,
we still can cold press it - basis the availability of nuts & seeds.
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