Best Ginger Essential Oil and Hydrosol Manufacturer in India

Made from the fresh rhizome of Ginger, the Ginger Root Essential Oil and hydrosol have been used in Ayurvedic Medicine for a very long time. The spicy and earthy aroma of Ginger has a pungent aroma which may provide a natural touch to the food items. The rhizomes are considered the roots but the stems are from the same species of plants that cardamom and turmeric come from. When diffusing organic ginger essential oil blend in a diffuser gives an aroma that is somewhat similar to these plants as well.

The ginger oil flavor your beverages, cocktails, juices, and so forth as it contains a sharp and warm taste. The essence of Ginger essential oil has a unique taste of spicy and tangy recipes. The flavouring agent in Ginger oil adds depth to candles, chocolates, and even some confectionary items. Ginger flavoured can also be brought to salad dressings and continental cuisines to make them even more interesting.

The aroma of Ginger water and essential oil is much more pungent and stronger than even Turmeric essential oil. Aadhunik Ayurveda pure Ginger hydrosol and Essential oil are good for the skin, hair, food and wellness recipes because it keeps it protected from bacteria, fungi, and other types of microbes.


It additionally expedites the wound healing process by preventing the further growth of infection. Apart from that, Ginger Root Oil has several other medicinal benefits due to which manufacturers of cosmetic and skincare products use it on a wide scale.

Benefits of Edible Ginger Essential Oil and Herb Water

  • Ginger essential oil helps in the treatment of muscle aches, arthritis, and migraine.
  • Used in aromatherapy as it brings a feeling of courage and self-assurance and provides relief from mental stress, depression, restlessness, exhaustion, dizziness, and anxiety.
  • Ginger water helps in aid-digestion & boosts appetite as it regulates the secretion of digestive juice in the digestive system.
  • Hydrosol of ginger may help come from abdominal pain & inflammation, improve the bowel, & prevent unwanted gas formation.
  • Ginger essential oil is helpful in respiratory issues such as coughs, asthma, and flu as it helps in removing mucus from the throat & lungs.
  • It also strengthens heart health, reduces cholesterol levels, and prevents blood clotting leading to reduced risk of heart attack and stroke.

Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier & Wholesaler of Ginger Essential Oil & Water

Aadhunik Ayurveda is one of the best and leading wholesalers, manufacturers, and exporters of Ginger essential oil and water all over the world. The water and essential oil of ginger are obtained from the traditional technique of steam distillation. Ginger oil and water have extreme shelf-life stability. It is used in beauty, aromatherapy, food, health & wellness products.

We guarantee you that every product adheres to the highest criteria of safety and quality. We offer natural and organic Ginger essential oil and hydrosol to our customers. Our products are free from all chemicals, fillers, & additives. They also don't carry any artificial colors, preservatives, and fragrances. You should dilute essential oil before using it for topical applications as it is highly concentrated.

We employ numerous tests and best-quality checks to assure that the best premium premium-quality and effective oils attain by our clients. The highest first-rate quality and packaging norms are employed to deliver exceptional results on utilization. We sell ginger hydrosol and essential oil in bulk with fast delivery and complete customer support. Our company assures you that you’ll no longer regret choosing us!


Private Label Ginger Essential oil, Skincare & Wellness Products

Aadhunik offers organic & natural Private Label Ginger-based Products for Skin, hair, health & wellness. They are versatile as they work for various problems.

  • Private Label Organic, Natural Derived Ginger Hydrosol, and Essential Oil.
  • Private Label Ayurvedic Body Cream with Saffron & Ginger.
  • Private Label Pain Relief Oil.
  • Private Label Ginger Turmeric Revive & Clarify Night Cream.
  • Private Label Energising Massage Oil.
  • Private Label Vitamin C Face Cleanser with Saffron, Turmeric & Ginger.
  • Private Label Aromatherapy Diffuser Oil.

Largest Manufacturing Company in the World

Aadhunik Ayurveda is a well-certified skincare, haircare, cold-pressed oil, essential oil, hydrosol, massage oil, body polisher, body butter, aromatherapy products, and health & wellness products manufacturing company in India. Our working transparency and well-timed delivery with time-to-time compliances and certifications make us a preferred choice amongst many brands and global certifications like ISO, GMP, USDA, and so forth have helped us stick with first-class processing and global standards.

We have the best (in-house) 100% natural and chemical-free manufacturing line. This is viable truly due to the fact that for everything the brand is completely included forward to backward keeping a close connection for raw material sourced from farmers to right minimal processing to retain nutritional compounds to the apt composition of the products making it healthy, potent, and effective.

At Aadhunik Ayurveda we make use of the best quality Tulsi Herb which is also known as the “Queen of Herbs”. It is considered to contain a unique and highly therapeutic natural compound effective for taking care of human body needs.

With us get the best quality custom formulation, private label, and raw material for your start-up established brand at the best prices, complete assistance, and low MOQs.