Holy Basil Essential Oil & Hydrosol Making

Making of Steam Distilled Shyama Tulsi
Hydrosol & Essential Oil - Edible
A Spiritual & Medicinal Herb Revered as Elixir of Life
In Ayurveda the holy basil is known as “Mother medicine of Nature” and “The Queen of Herbs”. With its spiritual and medicinal properties the herb is revered as the elixir of life. The emerging science on holy basil suggests basil leaves as tonic to human body with pharmacological benefits.
Arrk or steam distilled hydrosol of shyama tulsi can be used in day to day life as an effective preventive and curative remedy.
Shyama Tulsi Cultivation
In house Shyama tulsi cultivation to ensure a pesticide free produce. Purity and preservative free makes this arrk a healthy preventive and curative medicinal drink.
Adaptogenic | Antioxidant | Antibacterial | Antiviral | Immune-Stimulating
Steam Distilled Hydrosol & Essential Oil
The steam distilled hydrosol of shyama tulsi is made with tulsi leaves and stems. The fresh herb is cut and steam distilled in which the steam passes through the herb and turns to droplets of water when comes in contact with the condenser. It is like our earth’s rain process of evaporation- condensation and droplets of water. This ancient process is considered best even today because of it being totally chemical and preservative free. The collected droplets of water is free of contamination, debris thus making it stay good for more than a year when stored properly.
Basil Powder
Basil leaves are plucked, dried in shade and fine powdered by hand. It is Edible too.
Best Used in Health Care & Skin Care
GMP Certified & FSSAI Approved
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