Best Manufacturer of body & face polishers In India

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the best and only manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of skin polishers - face polisher & body polisher that produces multiple ranges of natural & certified organic blends to work effectively on different skin and age.

Skin polishing is not anything new to the world, it is a beauty regime in practice for thousands of years. Hence world over various queens set in their skin cleanser cum skin polisher compositions with respect to ingredient availability and skin suitability.

We at Aadhunik Ayurveda goes steps ahead of other manufacturers and discovered multiple time-tested skin polishers to bring back real, potent yet healthy cleanser cum polishers to various brands product line, selling their produce in Indian and internationally. Our real deep rooted connect with farmers and know-how of the traditional methods has given an upper edge to do what other manufacturers could not.

Making of Body and face polishers at Aadhunik Ayurveda Vitals

Making of skin polishers calls for quality ingredients which we source directly from farmers. The raw herbs, seeds and nuts are hand processed using traditional methods to ensure their nutritional profile stays intact.

The ready ingredients for the polishers in the form of fine powders, essential oils, cold pressed oils etc . are all prepared in Aadhunik Ayurveda’s world class ISO & GMP certified facility to ensure quality & zero adulterated ingredients are used in the making of the polisher.


Best Manufacturer of Body polisher

We formulate body polishers keeping in mind the need of the skin, skin type, age and other factors. Every polisher is made with utmost care and tested for stability and performance as a part of product development.

We work in tune to your vision and budget to develop the idea in your mind into a product.

Private label manufacturer of Body skin Polishers

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the fastest growing private label manufacturer of body - skin and face polisher in India. There are more than 50 face and body polishers that you can private label - on your brand name. These private label body and face polishers include

  • Lodh manjistha face cleanser cum polisher for acne pimple prone skin
  • Kumkumdai Rose face polisher
  • Nalpamaradi body polisher
  • Javanese lulur body polisher
  • Energizing and detoxifying balinese polisher
  • Maati butti skin cleansing cum polisher
  • Silken soft body polisher
  • Illuminating face polisher
  • Eladi face & body polisher
  • Panch pushpadi body polisher
  • Dashpushpadi baby staple bath
  • Soothing staple bath
  • And much more

Wide range of Body Polishers manufacturer

We have years of expertise and hence we can deliver the produce as per the texture, viscosity, aroma and function.

  • Dry powder polishers
  • Oil based polisher
  • Cream based polishers
  • Gel based polishers
  • Custom formulation

If you do not find anything of your interest from our ready to pick collection, we can always custom formulate as per your idea and view its compatibility to give it the form of a product. For custom formulation, contact us at

Why Aadhunik Ayurveda is the number 1 manufacturer of skin care health and wellness products
  • Low MOQ
  • Transparency
  • Budget friendly
  • Certifications
  • World class Facility
  • Global Standards
  • Designing & labeling assistance


What is the moq for startup’s?

We are very flexible as we promote startup’s hence we can produce as low as 200 pc also.

Whom to contact for more details on private labelling?

You can drop an email to us with the mention of details you look forward to on