Manufacturer of kumkumadi skin care products & Bulk Supplier & Exporter in India

Manufacturer of Kumkumadi Skincare Products Range

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the best manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of authentic kumkumadi oil. This is simply because all that goes into the making of the oil as mentioned in our ancient text, the original unadulterated ingredients are sourced in their raw form directly from the farmers and the required minimal processing (drying & powdering the herbs, cold pressing of sesame oil, infusion of herbs etc.) is undertaken in our own facility.

Kumkumadi oil or say thailam is an excellent skin care and treatment product for lightening, brightening and delaying ageing of the skin. Therefore many skin care brands have introduced kumkumadi oil and other kumkumadi products to their brand line.

With consumer preferences more included towards natural and organic products, kumkumadi oil and other products like kumkumadi face cream, kumkumadi body lotion, kumkumadi body oil etc. are in demand.

Making of Kumkumadi oil at Aadhunik Ayurveda Vitals

Aadhunik Ayurveda is one of the best manufacturers of authentic traditional recipes much preferred among brand owners because of quality, transparency and in-time delivery of the commitment.

Making of kumkumadi oil is a time consuming and labor intensive method as it involves a long chain of people and technique to produce the real -original Kumkumadi. There are 24 herbs used in the making of kumkumadi oil like Saffron, Manjistha, Indian Banyan Leaf, Sacred Lotus, Ushira, Padmaka, Gambhari, Patala and more in addition to Rose water and Goat Milk. The ingredients are sourced from farmers and made ready in desired form - wet, semi-dried or dry to add to the infusion. The infusion is made using sesame oil.

The best quality - undiluted and unadulterated kumkumadi oil looks like this as shown in the picture.


Kumkumadi oil with a twist

Kumkumadi oil with a twist is fast catching up with the changing consumer demand patterns. And Aadhunik Ayurveda is pioneer in creating the most compatible and powerful blend that works holistically delivering aromatic and therapeutic energy to the body while revitalizing the skin. Explore Kumkumadi oil with added benefits like

  • Kumkumadi oil with 24K Gold (Swarna Bhasma)
  • Kumkumadi oil with Vitamin C
  • Kumkumadi oil with bakuchiol (Natural Retinol)
  • Kumkumadi oil with hemp seed oil
  • Kumkumadi oil with Rose oil

Kumkumadi oil being the reservoir of skin nutrition that helps ward off many skin concerns which usually arise out of poor lifestyle, age factor etc. can be life altering elixir when used in other skin care products like body oils, hair oils, hand and feet cream, vitamin C cream, vitamin C oil, de-tan oil, face melts, hair masks, hair serums etc.

Private label kumkumadi oil manufacturer in India

Aadhunik Ayurveda with its close to a decade experience in the skin care industry, is the fastest growing private label skin care, health and wellness company in India and globally. The increasing demand of herbal & ayurvedic products world over has made Aadhunik Ayurveda grow manifolds by exporting its raw material and ready to use products to more than 13 countries. The close connection with farmers for quality raw material to best minimal processing techniques in a world class facility equipped with modern day machinery, methods & rules to ensure uncompromised quality product reaches the buyers make Aadhunik stand apart in the industry. This backward integration is the real foundation that strengthens our quality and gives us confidence to deliver the best potent, effective and healthy product to our buyers.


Explore private label kumkumadi oil and its products with us to introduce to your brand line with low MOQ’s and least investment.

  • Private label kumkumadi face oil
  • Private label kumkumadi face cream
  • Private label kumkumadi face oil with rose
  • Private label kumkumadi face oil with vetiver
  • Private label kumkumadi body lotion
  • Private label kumkumadi hair oil
  • Private label kumkumadi face polisher
  • Private label kumkumadi body polisher
  • Private label kumkumadi face cleanser

Customized skin care product manufacturer

Aadhunik Ayurveda with its team of formulators and well equipped research and development laboratory can help create your vision. Read here to give your skin care & wellness business plan the realistic approach with factors you can not avoid. We understand your requirements ( ingredients, texture, target market etc.) and create products to suit your budget. It's easy to get started with custom formulation with just one email to


Why Aadhunik Ayurveda only

  • Customized formulation - We work to understand your needs and develop the idea in your mind to create exactly what you want in the bottles and jars.
  • Low MOQ - This gives an ease especially to the start up -entrepreneurs and to the established brands to understand the product acceptance by the consumer without the need to go for huge investment.
  • Transparency - Transparency is one of the biggest pillars of our growth since inception. From ingredients, costing to making, every step is 100% clear.
  • Budget friendly - With our low moq and transparent policy, it becomes easy for the brand to decide as to how to cut on cost and seek the best quality too.
  • Certifications - All licenses, registration and certifications like USDA, GMP, ISO, Drug & Cosmetics alongside COA, MSDS etc. are in place.
  • World class Facility - Aadhunik Ayurveda vitals has a world class facility equipped with modern day requirements and traditional resources to produce best quality natural - plant derived products. We at Aadhunik adhere to global standards and successfully export to many brands across the world.
  • Designing & labeling assistance - With a complete in-house team, we can assist in designing, labeling and packaging(jars & bottles) in tune to your requirement.


Mine is a vegan brand so can you make kumkumadi oil without using goat milk? Also would like to understand how we can really derive ingredients like AHA etc. through plant base when milk is not the part of the formulation anymore.

Yes, we can certainly include plant based AHA sources in place of goat milk. Please drop an email with your complete details for us to connect with you.