Best Manufacturer & Private labeling of natural food flavor in India

Be it food or skin care, the flavor and aroma plays a significant role in adding value to the product. The very important purchasing - deciding factor is indeed the aroma & flavor of the product along with packaging. Hence aromas and flavors are becoming very popular in food and skin care however because of growing known side effects of synthetic flavors, there is a growing inclination towards natural flavors.

Best manufacturer of Natural flavours

Aadhunik Ayurveda vitals is the best manufacturer of natural food and skin care flavors. These flavors are 100% free from chemicals and preservatives and can be used for multiple purposes like to add flavor to beverages, flavor to soups and salads, flavor to deserts, flavor to skin care products like face oil, face creams, body butters, hair shampoo, hair oil, mist and toners, exfoliators etc. Not only this but these flavors are highly therapeutic and helpful for the human body when inhaled thereby their use in aromatherapy like in diffusers, spa treatments, healing balms etc. is fast catching up in the natural organic industry. With Aadhunik Ayurveda, you have the chance to explore natural flavors and aroma of common and uncommon plants of your choice as everything is prepared in our own world class certified organic facility.

Making of Natural skin care and food flavours


Aadhunik Ayurveda vitals is the only best and true to claims manufacturer of natural flavours like rose, curry leaf, peppermint, orange-kinu, holy basil, rosemary, turmeric, lavender, chamomile, sweet lime, lemongrass, vetiver etc. With a direct extensive network of farming communities, we at Aadhunik are able to source the best quality herbs to prepare their water soluble flavors and oil soluble flavors. These flavors are produced using no chemicals and not even preservatives.

The traditionally used techniques like steam distilling are used to prepare the flavors which are not just the flavor but add value to the product with its unique nutrition profile too. These flavors can be used in multiple products in the food industry, skin care and beauty industry, wellness & tourism industry.


Manufacturer & exporter of water soluble and oil soluble flavors

Explore our unique range of 100% chemical & preservative water soluble & oil soluble Natural Flavors like

These natural oil soluble and water soluble flavors are super healthy for human use and therefore many are using them in their product line. The growing natural organic products demand forces the brands to opt for clean and healthy ingredients over controversial and much proven carcinogen fragrances and flavors. And you will get no where better deal for these truly natural flavors other than Aadhunik Ayurveda as we are the manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter for the same.

Since these flavors are consumed bigtime by food caterers, bottled beverages, spa and wellness centers, skin care brands etc. hence we package it to make it convenient to use for you.

These flavors are available in different size packaging suiting your requirement from 1 liter to 50 liter cans. Its simple to contact us through an email at


Can I use this vetiver flavor in thandai? Will I need water soluble or oil soluble flavor?

Yes, it is perfect natural khus or say vetiver flavor for thandai. You will need water soluble thandai.

Can I add sweet lime flavor to lend a lime flavor to my lip care line?

Yes, sweet lime oil soluble flavor can be added to lip oils, tints and balms.

Are these 100% natural flavors?

Yes, these are 100% natural flavors made without using any chemical or preservative hence suitable for food, skin care and therapeutic products.

Can diffuser products like diffuser oils be made using these flavors?

Certainly, the natural plant derived flavors establish a great connection with the human body as compared to synthetics and hence are highly therapeutic.

What is the moq for private labeling these natural flavors?

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the only clean & natural product’s ingredients manufacturer including flavor and therefore it supplies to small, medium and large scale food, skin care and wellness industry. Hence for start-ups we can do moqs as low as 200 pieces too.