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Aadhunik Ayurveda is the top producer of Nettle Hydrosol/Ark & nettle tea cut & powder in India. Our Nettle Hydrosol is steam distilled using freshly harvested Stinging Wild Nettles Leaves in the foothills of Uttarakhand. Nettle has a natural, slightly bitter, yet minty scent. It is used as a facial and hair spray, for all skin sorts. It has high anti-inflammatory activity and is useful in many skin problems for acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Due to its characteristic odor, combine it with any other hydrosol to make it smell better and utilize its exceptional nutritional offering. It also contains vitamins A, B, C, and K and minerals like ferric oxide, potassium, and calcium. Intake of nettle is good for joints, bones, kidneys, skin, and the immune system.

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Manufacturer of Nettle Leaf Powder

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the leading supplier and manufacturer of Nettle Leaf Powder, and nettle tea cut in India and other countries. Nettle has foraged for centuries for its nourishing residences as a springtime food. Nettle powder may also be infused as a nutritive nettle tea, blended into herbal vinegar, or macerated as a nettle leaf extract. Nettle has been used worldwide from ancient times in a variety of countries and cultures. It has been eaten as a wild food plant, applied topically to the skin, and drunk as a natural herbal tea.

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Benefits Of Nettle Leaf Powder and Hydrosol/Ark

  • Nettle powder helps to eliminate stones from the kidney and gallbladder
  • Nettle leaves hydrosol are rich in silica and sulfur which helps in making hair shinier and healthier.
  • It may be used as a skin toner for acne-prone skin as it is known to cure acne.
  • It helps in relieves fatigue, and anemia and stimulates blood circulation
  • It aids in detoxifying the body and soothing ulcers and hemorrhoids.

Manufacturer, Wholesaler, and Bulk Supplier of Nettle Leaf Powder and Hydrosol

Aadhunik is the top Nettle Leaf Hydrosol and Herbal Powder Manufacturer, and Bulk Supplier in India. It’s miles the only manufacturer that makes use of our conventional easy approach- steam distillation yet expensive to make Hydrosol that you may consider for multiple uses.

We prepare this hydrosol and herbal powder under hygienic conditions to keep its fragrance, volatility, and quality intact. This chemical-free technique of steam-distillation to make hydrosol makes Aadhunik the only manufacturer and supplier of edible and potent Nettle Leaf Hydrosol and other hydrosols like Basil, Lavender, lemongrass, Rose, and so forth.

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Physico-chemical and Phytochemical Study & Microbial Analysis of Nettle Leaf Hydrosol

Abstract: In the present study, a phytochemical screening of the plant nettle leaf (Urtica dioica) was undertaken. The results of the qualitative phytochemical analysis show a high content of phenolic compounds characterised by a higher presence of flavonoids, tannin, terpenoid, and alkaloid.


The stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica) belongs to the urticaceae family which gathers about thirty species. Nettle leaf has a long history as an herbal remedy and as a nutritious addition to the human diet. The stinging nettles have presented many medicinal properties since antiquity. The stinging nettle leaf contains chlorophyll, carotenoids, vitamin C, K, B group vitamins (B1, B2, and B5), tannins, essential oil, proteins and minerals, while the stem and root contain flavonoids.


The aim of this study is to evaluate the hydrosol/water of Nettle leaf obtained as innovative commercial products of a steam distillation process. In this study we determine the phyto-chemical and physico-chemial composition of nettle leaf hydrosol. The leaf does not contain any oil.

Certificate of Analysis -COA of Nettle leaf

The following tables provide a list of the most common physicochemical, phytochemical, and bacteriological evaluations of nettle leaves Extract Hydrosol.

Product Name Nettle Leaves Hydrosol/ Aromatic Water
Botanical Name Urtica dioica
Manufacturing Process Steam distillation only
Part Used Leaves & Stems
Produce 100% chemical & preservative free
Usage Skin, Health & Wellness
Cultivation Uttarakhand


This study aim was to investigate the physicochemical, phytochemical, and microbiological activity tests for the nettle leaves hydrosol.

1.1 Physico-chemical Analysis of Nettle Leaves Hydrosol

Various physico-chemical activities of Nettle Leaves Hydrosol have been analysed which have been essential for manufacturing of price delivered products.

Result of physicochemical attributes of analysis in a Nettle Leaves Hydrosol sample
Properties Specifications Results
Physical Appearance Transparent to slight hazy liquid, like water Conforms
Colour Clear to hazy colour liquid Conforms
Odour Typical to botanical Conforms
Solubility Soluble in water & alcohol, insoluble in fat/fixed oils Conforms
pH(25°) 4-7 6.8
Acid Value 0.04% Conforms
Vitamin-C 67.73 mg/l Conforms
Refractive Index 1.470 to 1.495@20° 1.472
Specific Gravity 9g/ml) 1.160-1.210@25° 1.179

1.2 Heavy Metals Test Result

Heavy Metal Test Specification (%) Result(%)
Arsenic (As) NA Not detected
Lead (pb) NA Not detected
Mercury (Hg) NA Not detected
Cadmium (Cd) NA Not detected

1.3 Result of Phytochemical Analysis of Nettle Leaves Hydrosol/Herb Water

The following result analysis were obtained after performing the phytochemical test:

S.No. Phytochemical Tests nettle Leaves Hydrosol Specification Results
1. Steroids Not Present (-ve)
2 Alkaloids Slightly Present (+/-ve)
3 terpenoids Highly Present (+ve)
4 Tannin Slightly Present (+/-ve)
5 Flavonoid Highly Present (+ve)

1.4 Result of Microbial Analysis of Nettle Leaves Hydrosol

Microbial Specification Results
Aerobic Mesophilic Bacterial Count <1000 CFU/g Conforms
Yeast and Mould <100 CFU/g Conforms


  1. Appearance- Nettle Leaves hydrosol/water is in a liquid form similar to water. That is why it’s mixed with water.
  2. Colour- Nettle Leaves hydrosol/herb water is a clean, colourless liquid.
  3. Odour- The aroma of nettle leaves hydrosol is extracted from the leaves of a nettle plant by steam distillation method. The odour of nettle leaves hydrosol has a typical botanical aroma.
  4. Solubility- The nettle leaves hydrosol mixed in alcohol and water, but it cannot be mixed in fats or fixed oils.
  5. pH- A pH of 7 is neutral, above 7 the pH is alkaline and below 7 the pH is acidic.
  6. Acidity/Acidic- Nettle leaves extract hydrosol/aromatic water is acidic in pH.
  7. Specific Gravity- is used to describe liquid weight in comparison to its thickness at a particular temperature. If the weight of specific gravity of nettle hydrosol is lower than 1, the substance will flow into the reference materials, while if the substance is more than 1, the material will sink.
  8. Heavy Metals- This test is done to see if there are unusual amounts of metals that are toxic or could be harmful.
  9. Microbial Test- is significant and is expected by various industries from over the world, where human wellbeing is in danger of being adversely affected by illness causing bacterial and infection, and microbial toxins.

Observations of Phytochemical Tests for Nettle Leaves Hydrosol

1. Steroids

No formation of red interference & yellow-greenish fluorescence in H2SO4 layer indicate the presence of steroid in the sample.

2. Alkaloids

Slightly presence of cream colour in the sample, shows the presence of alkaloid.

3. Terpenoids

Formation of red colour in H₂SO₄ layer, shows the presence of terpenoid in the sample.

4. Tannins

Slightly presence of yellow-greenish colour in the sample, shows the presence of tannin.

5. Flavonoids

Formation of red colour in the sample, shows the presence of flavonoid.



Nettle is a native plant found growing as a weed in Himalayan range. It contains chemical constitutions which may be useful for various herbal formulations as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic, cardiac tonic and antiasthmatic properties.


Is Nettle Leaf Powder Edible?

Aadhunik Ayurveda Nettle Leaf Powder and other herbal powders are edible. They make use of traditional techniques to produce products 100% free from harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Can I Purchase this Hydrosol in Bulk?

Yes, you can purchase Nettle Leaf Hydrosol in Bulk from Aadhunik Ayurveda as per your requirements.