Manufacturer and Supplier of edible Spearmint Hydrosol & Essential Oil

At Aadhunik Ayurveda, we are manufacturing and supplying high-quality spearmint edible and pure hydrosol and essential oil that is known for uplifting and stimulating values.

Spearmint hydrosol and essential oil are obtained from the flowering tops, stem and leaves of the spearmint plant using traditional method of steam-distillation while maintaining proper safety and hygiene. It is an integral part of the mint family and used in pharmaceuticals for medicinal properties and more.

It belongs to the Mint family but is said to be older than peppermint. It is commonly used in making personal care products, skincare, medicines and in aromatherapy.

Aadhunik Ayurveda is one of the trusted edible Spearmint Hydrosol and essential oil manufacturers in India. Being a reputed name, we never compromise in its extracting, production packaging and delivering processes and meet the highest quality standards.

Spearmint hydrosol and essential oil offer benefits of peppermint, but it has a soft fragrance compared to the latter. It was once also used in Ayurvedic medicines to provide relief from headaches and some skin problems.

Spearmint essential oil & hydrosol can be used in various ways like-

  • Used as a scalp toner
  • Used in health and wellness drinks
  • Used in making medicines
  • Used in making personal care products
  • Used in aromatherapy
  • Used in making diffusers
  • And much more.

Making of Spearmint Hydrosol & Essential Oil at Aadhunik Ayurveda

Aadhunik makes use of steam-distillation method to extract this hydrosol/herb water & essential oil from the leaves of spearmint. The spear-shaped leaves (and sometimes stems also) are collected from our organic and natural sources and brought to our manufacturing plant. Its aroma is very much like peppermint: strong, cool, and refreshing. It is transparent in colour and has a thin consistency.

Our traditional steam-distilled technique is 100% clean, environment friendly and healthy and the products produced by this technique are the most potent, effective and therapeutic for human use.

Private Label Manufacturer of Spearmint Essential Oil & Hydrosol Products

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the largest growing Private Label Manufacturer of natural spearmint essential oil and hydrosol.

At Aadhunik we use spearmint hydrosol in various ways like in skincare, haircare, personal care and health & wellness formulation and therefore we have close to a decade of experience in manufacturing more personal care and wellness products with clean and quality ingredients like spearmint.

  • Private Label Spearmint edible hydrosol/herb water
  • Private Label Spearmint steam-distilled essential oil
  • Private Label Spearmint aromatherapy products
  • Private Label Spearmint health and wellness drinks
  • Private Label Spearmint infused products
  • Private Label Spearmint scalp toner
  • Private Label Spearmint diffuser
  • Private Label Spearmint face toner
  • Private Label Spearmint tea cuts
  • And much more

Making of personal care and wellness products from quality ingredients like spearmint is a complete in-house process.

Our steam-distilled spearmint hydrosol and essential oil are available at different sizes as per your desire.

Manufacturer and Bulk Supplier of Spearmint Hydrosol and Essential Oil

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the largest manufacturer of steam-distilled edible spearmint hydrosol and essential oil in India. Our spearmint hydrosol is the purest and potent, known for several health properties that make it safe for many commercial and health applications.

We sell our pure and edible spearmint hydrosol and essential oil in bulk as well as in small sizes glass bottles of 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and much more. We export our spearmint hydrosol and essential oil globally and nationally.

Our name known as top spearmint oil and hydrosol manufacturers is not namesake but we have earned this credibility.

  • With clean and environment friendly techniques.
  • We have a team that pays attention to your requirements and keeps eyes on quality.
  • Loaded with the resources to meet bulk orders for commercial and industrial usage.
  • Test its purity on various quality grounds to deliver you the best.
  • Carefully pack it following the industry standards.

Our company is USDA certified that allows us to manufacture the extensive and best range of ayurvedic products. In terms of product excellence and purity, our products adhere to the highest standards.

For more details get in touch with us at aadhunikayurvedavitals@gmail.com

Physico-chemical and Phytochemical Study & Microbial Analysis of Spearmint Hydrosol

Abstract:Spearmint is a super nutritional aromatic plant whose leaves are used in food and wellness to add flavor and nutrition to the body. The phenol and flavonoid rich spearmint have been used for herbal tea and medicine for centuries.


Herbs are plants that are grown and harvested for their distinctive medicinal and aromatic properties. Herbs are utilized as a natural source for treatment of different diseases. Also herbs are used for flavoring foods, culinary preparation, perfumery, cosmetics, beauty and body care.

Spearmint is a type of mint that grows in many parts of the world like India, Morocco, Egypt, and North Africa. It is an invasive species in the Great Lakes region where it was first sighted. Spearmint has a long tradition of medicinal use. It was consumed as a tea to treat digestive issues in general. Due to its fragrant and aromatic properties, spearmint is widely used in cooking, medicine, and commercially manufactured products.


The objectives of this study were to determine the phyto-chemicals composition of the spearmint hydrosol and to determine the physico-chemical properties of the spear-mint hydrosol/aromatic water.

The most frequently tested physicochemical, phytochemical, and bacteriological evaluations of Spearmint Hydrosol are listed in the following tables.

Product Name Spearmint Leaves Hydrosol/ Aromatic Water
Botanical Name Mentha spicata
Manufacturing Process Steam distillation only
Part Used Leaves
Produce 100% chemical & preservative free
Usage Skin, Health & Wellness, & Aromatherapy
Cultivation Parts of Uttar Pradesh


The purpose of this work is to examine Spearmint hydrosol's physicochemical, phytochemical, and bacteriological activity test.

1.1 Physico-chemical Analysis of Spearmint Hydrosol

Different physico-chemical activities of Spearmint hydrosol have been analyzed which have been important for production of value added products.

Result of physicochemical attributes of analysis in a sample of Spearmint Hydrosol
Properties Specifications Results
Physical Appearance Transparent liquid, like water Conforms
Colour Clear colorless liquid Conforms
Odour Minty, gentler than peppermint Conforms
Solubility Soluble in water & alcohol, insoluble in fat/fixed oils Conforms
pH(25°) 4-7
Acid Value 0.04% Conforms
Refractive Index 1. 480o 1.495@20° 1.486
Specific Gravity 9g/ml) 0.965 to 0.985@ 25℃° 0.962

1.2 Total Presents of Components

Components Range % %
Limonene 7-15 10.32
L-carcone 57-71 61.17

1.3 Heavy Metals Test Result

Heavy Metal Test Specification (%) Result(%)
Arsenic (As) NA Not detected
Lead (pb) NA Not detected
Mercury (Hg) NA Not detected
Cadmium (Cd) NA Not detected
Copper (Cu) NA Not detected

1.4 Result of Phytochemical Analysis of Spearmint Hydrosol

The following results were obtained when spearmint hydrosol was subject to phytochemical tests-

This method is an all inclusive method which takes into account the selective and successive extraction of the plant phytochemical. The analysis of the presence of the main group of natural constituents present in the plant concentrate of spearmint hydrosol was done using different specific reagents. Chemical tests were done to identify bioactive compounds of pharmacological importance through standard methods. Phytochemicals such as were qualitatively determined.

S.No. Phytochemical Tests Spearmint Hydrosol Specification Results
1. Cardiac glycoside (-ve) Not present
2 Tanin (+ve) Highly present
3 Coumarin -ve) Not present
4 Anthocyanin (-ve) Not present
5 Steroid (+ve) Highly present
6 Phenol (-ve) Not present
7 Flavonoid (+ve) Highly present

1.5 Result of Microbial Analysis of Spearmint Hydrosol

Microbial Specification Results
Aerobic Mesophilic Bacterial Count <1000 CFU/g Conforms
Yeast and Mould <100 CFU/g Conforms


  1. Appearance- Spearmint hydrosol/aromatic water appears like water hence it is water soluble.
  2. Colour- The Spearmint aromatic hydrosol is a clean, colorless liquid.
  3. Odour- The odour/aroma of Spearmint hydrosol resembles the herb itself. Its minty and gentler than peppermint. However the aroma and taste, flavor may change from season to season because every part is grown under the influence of factors like soil, water, temperature etc.
  4. Solubility- The Spearmint hydrosol solubilizes easily in alcohol and water, but it cannot dissolve in fat or fixed oils.
  5. pH- It is acidic to normal in its pH as a pH of 7 of a sample is neutral, above 7 the pH is alkaline and below 7 the pH is acidic.
  6. Acidity/Acidic- Spearmint aromatic water is neutral in pH.
  7. Specific Gravity- is utilised to characterize the heaviness of a liquid when contrasted with thickness at a particular temperature. If the specific gravity for a Spearmint hydrosol is under 1, that implies the material will stream in the reference substances, and if the water sample is more than 1, that implies the material will sink in the reference material.
  8. Heavy Metals- tthis test is done to see if there are unusual levels of toxic or potentially harmful metals. The Heavy Metal Limit test is based on the metallic impurities reacting with hydrogen sulphide or sodium sulphide in an acidic medium to produce metal sulphide which provides brown colour.
  9. Microbial Test- It is important to undertake microbial tests as bacterial invasion is a threat to humans and therefore the tests are very important to the food and wellness industry.

Microbiological evaluation of a sample is the use of biological, biochemical, molecular or chemical methods for the identification of microorganisms in a sample.

Observations of Phytochemical Tests for Spearmint Hydrosol

1. Flavonoid

Formation of red colour shows the presence of flavonoid.

2. Tanin

Formation of slightly green colour shows the presence of tannin.

3. Steroid

The High presence of yellowish-greenish colour shows the presence of steroids..

4. Cardiac Glycoside

No presence of brown rings shows the presence of cardiac glycoside.

5. Coumarin

No formation of yellow colour, shows the presence of coumarin.

6. Phenol

Highly presence of greenish-yellow colour shows the presence of phenol

7. Anthocyanin

No formation of pinkish colour which immediately changes to blue/violet colour shows the presence of anthocyanin.



The Mentha spicata commonly known as Spearmint is a popular herb. It has been used in traditional medicine, food preservation, and flavour enhancement. The study indicated that spearmint hydrosol was found to be a rich source of secondary metabolites flavonoids. Tannin, saponion, coumarin and phenolic compounds.


1. Which other essential oils it blends well with?

Spearmint essential oil blends well with some famous essential oils like peppermint oil, rosemary oil, and sweet basil oil. It is mostly mixed with peppermint oil to soften its strong fragrance which will be more comfortable for most people.

2. Why buy Hydrosol & Essential Oil from Adhunik Ayurveda?

Aadhunik Ayurveda is a leading global company in essential oil, hydrosol and ayurvedic products. We are committed to delivering only high-quality and organic-certified edible essential oils & edible hydrosols. The quality of our product at the best competitive prices and on-time delivery have made a trustable manufacturer.