How to start a skin care & hair care products business with the least investment and best quality products.

Starting a skincare and hair care product business in India or in the U.S, Canada, Europe, Middle east is a quite profitable commercial enterprise in recent times. It is no secret that the natural & organic skincare & hair care business is one of the fastest growing in India & globally as the demand for its natural & organic products is constantly on the upward thrust.
As per research post covid, humans prefer using clean products not only in food but are conscious about skin care & wellness products too.
Along with choosing the best skin care products manufacturer, here are the basic steps you must follow to start your own skincare & hair care business globally with its manufacturing in India:

  • Make a private label skin care business plan: The first step when starting a new business is planning, as this way you will have a guide for making the right decisions.
  • Create a price proposition that gives you absolute clarity around what it’s that you do for people, how your products are different and why people should care. Explore custom formulation & innovation in skin care to create a unique selling proposition for your brand .

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  • Legally register your business: Starting a skincare product business not only implies planning for its correct operation, but it is also necessary to legally register it with the competent authorities.
  • Identify your ideal customer and your channels to the marketplace. It’s a good concept to create an ideal customer (identify your target) person to really understand what is important to your customers and where you can find them. And with this clarity you go on to another step of FORMULATION. Know more about formulation in skin care & its importance here.

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  • Create the products or through a white label skin care company that specialises in manufacturing products and attaching your brand to them. And if you are a startup, you can opt for small batch skin care manufacturing with Aadhunik Ayurveda with low moq’s and least investment.

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  • Connect with professionals to help you create your brand story. You’ll also need a brand identity kit to ensure that all your packaging, websites, and social media content looks and sounds consistent.

As per economists & rating agencies, the Indian economy is going to register more than estimated growth rate in 2023 & 2024 especially in the manufacturing sector. And India is the preferred destination for the manufacturing of skin care & wellness products. Explore more here.


Best private label skin & hair care products manufacturer in World:-

Aadhunik Ayurveda is one of the best private label ayurvedic product manufacturer, certified company in India and delivering private label products across the world for skin care, hair care,essential oils ,cold pressed oils, cold processed soaps, health & wellness products. The company is engaged in manufacturing & exporting with the brand name ‘AADHUNIK AYURVEDA’ a premium quality collection of organic and chemical-free products. The aim is to provide the uncompromised quality organic skin care, hair care health & wellness products to their customers at the most affordable wholesale prices.

Aadhunik Ayurveda has, with its dedicated in-house R&D team of experts in ayurvedic & chemical free product design, developed a complete range of skincare, haircare & personal care products. The products are enriched with the goodness of Ayurveda, the age-old Indian science based on traditionally used ingredients, blended with traditional techniques.


Aadhunik Ayurveda continuously grow and improve their business, develop and motivate their people, innovate new solutions for being different, and work with honesty and transparency. They are the top leading Private Label Skin Care Products Manufacturers in India. Aadhunik Ayurveda undertakes Private Label beauty & cosmetics products in India. Proper time and concern are given to the manufacturing of 100% chemical and preservative-free products range in India. The product list includes:

How to choose the best skin care products manufacturer

With many manufacturers in the market , it's important to look for genuinely the best manufacturer who has complete in house set up to manufacture raw material of the product like -

Because ingredients are the heart or life force for any product.
And this is only possible with the direct connection with the farming community for quality herbs, nuts & seeds. Aadhunik Ayurveda understands the role of sustainability in skin care and therefore pays attention in conserving the environment through traditional techniques & thereby minimising carbon emission.

1. Product Quality: is defined as that facet of logistics management that relates to sets of activities and techniques that are meant to assess the quality of products at numerous levels of the production process, all the way to the point right before distribution.

Product quality is an aspect you need to consider from the very beginning from ingredients to composition to final product look, feel and aroma. And we at Aadhunik believe that quality can only be promised with the use of quality ingredients and therefore all ingredients used are prepared in house like cold pressed oils,herb infused oils, herb essential oils, hydrosols, various blends etc. The addition of rich quality ingredients makes the product stand out in terms of its functionality and thereby brands prefer Aadhunik Ayurveda as the best ethical and transparent manufacturer of skin care, hair care, food & beverages, and wellness products.
Explore the best hair care preparation with us through our extensive work on kesya rasayana here


The quality assessment will be based on predetermined requirements or standards previously set by the company. Quality control is performed at various stages. The more commonly performed checks include the following:

  • To checkup upon the labels & packaging
  • Checkup before and after manufacturing
  • Checkup in-process - right healthy product as desired
  • Checkup before shipping

2. Documentation/Certification: Certification of analysis (COA) is an important document that communicates the outcomes of scientific tests done on manufactured products like food, chemicals, research products, and pharmaceutical products. Country, manufacturing date, batch number, expiry, and many others. The COA also lists the chemical used in the product's manufacturing and testing and is created to ensure all important regulations are met and complied with.


3. MOQ: when placing an order with some manufacturers and wholesalers, they may require a minimum order quantity (MOQ). That means sometimes manufacturers; suppliers and wholesalers will turn away some customers if they’re not willing or capable to meet the minimum order quantity. However Aadhunik Ayurveda is helping many start-ups with a minimum order quantity of 200- 300 per product to help them start their venture with least investment and all regulatory compliances.

4. Labeling assistance: labeling in the manufacturing business is an important activity for one-of-a-kind reasons. It helps increase brand reputation, safety, and efficiency. When it comes to packaging and manufacturing a product, primary labels and secondary labels play an important role. With a memorable product label, you easily become a familiar sight, which creates trust between you and the consumer.

Aadhunik Ayurveda with its extensive experience in labeling and designing for domestic and international brands can help you create attractive labels with all mandatory labeling requirements as per the guidelines of the government - India & other countries.


5. Shipping:- shipping is a critical stage that needs planning to ensure the product is delivered to the buyers warehouse safely and at economical rates. At Aadhunik we have contacts with agencies that operate different modes of transport like sea, air & land. Our experience in the area helps our buyers with ease of doing business with us as we provide all supporting documentation with all shipments and especially export shipment.

Product safety, there are safety and health strands that must be complied with. Inspectors will focus on whether the products are safe for use or consumption.

Compliance with the company’s own specific requirements, standards set by the industry the business is in, and specific policies formulated through the authorities.

Quantity, the number of items packed for shipment must coincide with the number of units ordered by customers and with the invoice.

Product specification, entails looking into the function, size, packaging and other technical specifications of the product.

Packing, during shipping, it’s far feasible that there could be careless handling by the shipper, therefore, make sure that the items are packed appropriately, depending on the nature of the product, to limit the risks of them being damaged while in transit.


Q1. I am based out of Singapore working with a beauty giant here and soon look forward to returning to India after 2 decades so can you guide me as to how to start a skincare brand/business in India from an Indian market perspective?

Yes, we have helped many start up and established brands globally in unique product development through unique aromas, texture and consistency as per the need and vision of the brand so we can assist you too in the journey with our experience. Simply drop an email to help us seek more details and take this forward.

Q2. I wish to launch a hair care line so if you can help me give a concrete shape to my business plan with your products and years of insights.

Yes, we certainly can help you with the kind of products you are looking for, simply drop an email to us at with details.

Q3. How do I start my own skin care brand in india?

To start a skin care brand it is important to research the market & figure out answers to many of the questions you certainly will have in your mind like uniqueness, quality, target market, packaging & labeling, certifications & compliances, selling platforms (online/offline) and much more. Hence it is important to understand the market to figure out gaps and how those gaps ( quality, convenience & price) can turn out to be your USP’s to drive your brand into a success story everyone talks about. Our years of experience in creating successful skin care & wellness brands can be of immense help to you in establishing your brand with your vision along with our market insights & product formulations. You can start your skin care brand under $ 5000 USD with us & sell globally.

Q4. How much does it usually cost to start a skincare brand?

Starting a skincare brand isn't very expensive only if you have chosen the right manufacturer for your brand. A good manufacturer will be oriented towards saving the cost & time for you and looking at today’s competitive market scenario, will offer you more sku’s & low moqs to widen your portfolio simply to ensure consumers visiting your online shop find something for themselves & do not exit without making a purchase. Because we at Aadhunik Ayurveda understand that every click on website comes with a cost. A best quality skin care brand with around 15 sku’s targeting mid to high segment can easily launched under $ 5000 USD. For more details simply drop an email to us at or whatsapp/call us at 8171-30-7601.

Q5. Can I sell my homemade skin care products online & offline?

As per governing regulations, it is important to obtain licences and other required certification to prepare & sell skin care formulation in the market be it online or offline. Skin care products need approval from respective authorities with all testing reports. Every batch should be tested for parameters suggested by the governing authorities and setting up a laboratory and undertaking skin care formulation as per laws is not possible at home. Aadhunik Ayurveda can help you give your entrepreneur dream a real shape by offering you low moqs with your kind of formulation. We at Aadhunik Ayurveda work only with clean & safe ingredients made formulations. By no chance we part with chemicals that are of concern to human life.

Q6. What licences are mandatory for setting up a skin care product business?

It is important to obtain a manufacturing licence from the respective state Drug & cosmetics department along with other certifications like ISO, GMO, organic and much more.

Q7. Why is Aadhunik Ayurveda in India a preferred skin care product manufacturer for global brands?

Aadhunik Ayurveda in India is preferred amongst the who’s who of global brands simply because of its commitment to quality & reasonable pricing along with providing all convenience to brand owners with complete assistance under one roof to save on cost & time and minimize mistakes that can happen out of inexperience. Amongst all the reasons, quality outperforms because at Aadhunik everything is a fusion of tradition ( botanicals) and science to create a clean, safe & sure powerful product that works & helps brands grow with happy customers. With this Aadhunik Ayurveda proudly exports skin care products to various countries like US., Canada, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Australia etc.

Q8. Which Indian natural & organic skin care manufacturer exports its products and raw material to the U.S, Canada and other European countries?

Well there are many manufacturers in India with strong claims but genuinely the work at Aadhunik Ayurveda is exceptional in terms of delivering natural quality with sustainable ingredients. And this is possible only with the connection with the farming community plus in-house distillery, cold pressing and other minimal processing techniques along with a team of formulators & skilled lab technicians to create truly natural & healthy formulas for skin care & wellness products. Because of this Aadhunik Ayurveda stands apart in the industry and provides employment/work opportunities to farmers and their families. The world class facility with the fusion of science & traditional techniques adhering to global standards makes Adhunik Ayurveda the best manufacturer and exporter of skin care & wellness products.