Manufacturer, Exporter and bulk supplier of Food Products

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the one of the best Private Label Manufacturer and exporter of Food Products in India. We are certified with FSSAI (food safety standards authority of India), ISO and GMP. If you are looking for the high quality organic & natural food products in bulk, then Aadhunik Ayurveda is the best to source high quality food products like masala/spice powders, herbal green tea, edible essential oils & edible hydrosols (herb waters), cold-pressed oils and much more.

Quality Raw Material For Making Best Quality Food Products

At Aadhunik Ayurveda, the raw materials for making high quality food products are sourced from the best organic farming practising farmers in different parts of India. Since India is a diverse country with almost everything grown in different parts from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, we make it a point to source the material from within the country to avoid long distance logistics & not to add to carbon footprints. The developed direct connect network with farmers over the years help us seek best quality fresh, semi dried and dried plant parts (herbs/seeds) from the farmers.

And this years of woven intensive network is the backbone of our quality products. Because a quality product can be developed using quality ingredients only. Plants have been the source of food, flavour and medicine to humans for unknown years and therefore we make use of different plant parts to produce different products. Explore quality herbs, nuts and seeds like hempseed, rosehip, chamomile, lavender, rosemary, marjoram, gotu kola, basil, peppermint, coffee, anantmool, manjistha, neem, hibiscus, banapsha, ashwaganda, shankpushpi and much more in the form of herb powders, essential oils, hydrosols, infused oils, cold pressed oils etc.


This makes Aadhunik Ayurveda No.1 Leading Manufacturer of health & wellness Food Products producing best quality with minimal traditional processing delivering to multiple countries around the world.

Manufacturer of best Quality organic Food Products

Aadhunik Ayurveda make uses of traditional techniques like cold-pressing, steam distillation, hand milled coarse and fine powder making to produce ready to use products like edible essential oils, cold pressed oils, green tea, fine herb powders - for use as supplement, masalas and other remedies.

Each method used produces highly therapeutic - nutrient rich best quality products.

Each technique adopted is

  • 100% clean
  • Vegan - Plant derived only
  • 100% chemical free
  • 100% preservative free
  • Time - tested (traditional)
  • Scientifically backed

The complete inhouse facility with deep connection with farmers makes Aadhunik the best quality product manufacturer in the world. The facility includes a dedicated unit to each of the traditional processing technique like

  • Cold pressing - to produce cold pressed oils
  • Steam distillery - to produce essential oils ( essential oils usually found in the market are meant for external use or cosmetic use only hence always read carefully before ingest)
  • Hand milled coarse herb ( tea cut) - to produce green tea
  • Hand milled fine powdered herbs - to produce fine powders of herbs to use as supplements, cooking masalas, food & beverages flavour etc.

Private Label Manufacturer of Best Quality Food Products

Aadhunik Ayurveda is a private-label manufacturer of best quality certified organic food products in India. Our best quality food products are good to use in food, beverages and in health & wellness remedies. These products may cost you little more as these are completely free from chemicals, preservatives, fragrances and all sorts of additives/fillers that usually are found in such products.

The world-class facility with state of art traditional equipment and techniques make Aadhunik Ayurveda top Best Manufacturer of food products and other wellness products in India.

At Aadhunik we have a diverse range of high quality regular use food products which includes.

1. Manufacturer of Masala/Spice Powders

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the best manufacturer of private label masala/spice powders. We make use of traditional methods for preparing masala powders. The whole herbs are sourced directly from the farmers cultivating organic herbs for example turmeric is sourced from the himalayan jaunsar- bawar hills where many farmers undertake cultivation under the supervision of the organic certifying agency in accordance with the national programme for organic production and the national organic program & technical standards. These farming practices are considered equivalent to Swiss Organic Farming ordinance for unprocessed plant products originating in India.


Since raw materials for masala powders are prepared in-house, the control over quality is always intact with no chance of adulteration. Hence the quality ingredients produce a quality, healthy, and tasty masala powders. We have a wide range of private label food & beverages masala powders for your use

  • Private Label Turmeric Powder
  • Private Label Clove Powder
  • Private Label Carom Powder
  • Private Label Black pepper Powder
  • Private Label Bay Leaf Powder
  • Private Label Nutmeg Leaf Powder
  • Private Label Cinnamon Powder
  • Private Label Ginger Powder
  • Private Label Ajwain Seed Powder

2. Manufacturer of Green Tea and herb tea

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the preferred leading manufacturer of herbal green tea/tea cuts. With our years of experience and well established relations with the farming community, we get the best quality herb to make tea cut size ready to brew tea chunks for you. Explore organic green tea - tea cut herbs with us for your brand.

  • Private label tulsi green tea
  • Private label marigold tea
  • Private label liquorice tea
  • Private label rose tea
  • Private label lavender tea
  • Private label chamomile tea
  • Private label cardamom tea
  • Private label kapha pacify tea
  • Private label pitta pacify tea
  • Private label vata-kapha pacify tea
  • Private label tranquil tea blend
  • Private label detox & harmonise tea blend
  • And much more

Manufacturer of hydrosols/tea drops

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the best manufacturer of hydrosols or herb waters which are used as tea drops. Tea drops are a great convenience in today's fast driven world. Brewing herb for a cup of tea is time consuming and therefore often takes a back seat and is not religiously practised. Tea drops are easy to carry, quick to make and therefore let you follow the wellness regime without fail. Be it at home or on a trip, these powerful nutrient rich herb waters when added in drops to a cup of warm water act as ready green tea or herb tea. These hydrosols are traditionally prepared herb ark used for multiple purposes like flavour to food & beverages, medicines, green tea, herb tea etc.

  • Private Label Basil Green Tea drops
  • Private Label Chamomile Tea drops
  • Private Label Lavender Tea drops
  • Private Label Nettle Tea drops
  • Private Label Curry Leaf Herbal Tea drops
  • Private Label Peppermint Green Tea
  • Private Label Rose Tea drops
  • Private Label Rosemary Tea drops
  • Private label cinnamon tea drops
  • Private label energising tea drops
  • Private label anxiety relief tea drops
  • Private label de-stress tea drops
  • Private label cool & calm tea drops

3. Manufacturer of Edible Essential Oils

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the Best Manufacture of private label natural edible essential oil to add flavour to your food, dessert, & beverages and also used as a wellness drink. We make use of traditional methods of steam-distillation to extract 100% pure and high quality edible essential oil & hydrosols.

We have a wide range of private label edible essential oil with which multiple blends as per your need can be created. For this you can always custom formulate with us as per your need and budget.

  • Private Label Basil Essential Oil
  • Private Label Cinnamon Essential Oil
  • Private Label Coriander Essential Oil
  • Private Label Curry Leaf Essential Oil
  • Private Label Ginger Essential Oil
  • Private Label Lavender Essential Oil
  • Private Label Hibiscus Essential Oil
  • Private Label Nutmeg Essential Oil
  • Private Label Carom Essential Oil
  • Private Label Clove Essential Oil
  • Private Label Fennel Essential Oil
  • Private Label Lemongrass Essential Oils
  • Private Label Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Private Label Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Private Label Sweet lime Essential Oil
  • Private Label Turmeric Essential Oil
  • Private Label Vetiver Essential Oil
  • Private Label Black pepper Essential Oil

4. Manufacturer of Edible Cold-Pressed Oils

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the top leading private label cold-pressed oils manufacturer. Aadhunik makes use of ancient techniques of cold-pressing seeds and nuts. It is the best method where the seeds are pressed between the two heavy metal rods and the oil is released. The process gives nutrient rich oil without losing its vitals. There is no addition of any heat or any other components to prepare the oil. This enables maintaining the aroma and nutritional content of the oil. We have a wide range of private label cold-pressed oils.

  • Private Label Mustard cold-pressed oil
  • Private Label Coconut cold-pressed oil
  • Private Label Sesame cold-pressed oil
  • Private Label Olive cold-pressed oil
  • Private Label Groundnut cold-pressed oil
  • Private Label Hemp Seed cold-pressed oil
  • Private Label Flaxseed cold-pressed oil
  • Private Label Walnut cold-pressed oil
  • Private Label Babchi cold-pressed oil

Manufacturer, Bulk Supplier & Exporter of organic Food Products

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the fastest-growing manufacturer, exporter and bulk supplier of Food Products in India and other international countries like Australia, America, Canada, Dubai etc. We produce USDA organic certified and quality-assured plant derived food products and wellness products.

We produce more than 30 varieties of cold-pressed oils, various curry & beverages - masala powders, essential oils, hydrosols, herbal green tea and much more.

We are the bulk supplier of private-label food products. You can buy these food products in bulk sizes as per your need at best prices from Aadhunik Ayurveda.

Aadhunik Ayurveda provides you with the best quality, FSSAI, USDA, ISO, GMP organic certified food products, Our research development team is working in the process of making new products very passionately keeping in mind the flavour/taste and new demands of the market.

If you are looking for a food product manufacturer that can custom blend your requirement for herbal green tea, food masalas, cold-pressed oils, essential oil and other products then your search ends here because we, our R&D team, is always working to create customised blends/tastes for you as per your need & budget.

Exporter of organic Food Products

Here's how, get started with your product line now with our custom formulation/private label/third-party services and introduce a quality product line to your brand. With us you get the chance to explore natural food products and wellness products of your choice at best reasonable prices and uncompromised quality with complete solutions under one roof.