Manufacturer and Supplier of Phytochemicals in India

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the only manufacturer of wholesome natural bioactive - phytochemicals that are extensively used in food, skin care and wellness. Natural substances have traditionally been used in skincare and food for centuries. There is now an ongoing search for new natural bioactive compounds that not only promote skin health but also protect the skin against various harmful factors, including UV rays & free radicals.

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the known manufacturer, supplier and exporter of plant based phytochemicals like flavonoids, tannins, eugenol, curcumin, saponins, alkaloids, linalool, limonene, piperine etc. For example eugenol is found in clove, thymol in carom, curcumin in turmeric and we at Aadhunik use traditional techniques like steam distillation to produce ark of the herb whose nutrient is needed hence a wholesome nutrition is produced r ich with targeted phytochemical. This helps us make use of no chemicals and not even preservatives thereby creating various skin care, food and wellness formulation through use of plants, the best source of food and medicine for the humans.

Private label/custom manufacturer using phytochemicals

Manufacturing of all natural private label & custom health & wellness products using healthy nutrients - plant based makes Aadhunik the most preferred product manufacturer for skin care, food and wellness products industry. Our extensive knowledge & experience in commercialising natural products without compromising on quality empower us to simplify the process, allowing you to focus on building your business.


What are Natural Products in simple terms?

“A natural product is a natural compound or substance produced by living things that is found in nature.”

In the broadest sense, natural products include any substances produced by life. Natural products can also be prepared by chemical synthesis & have played a central role in the development of the field of organic compounds by providing challenging synthetic targets. The term natural products has also been extended for commercial purposes to refer to cosmetics, dietary supplements, & food products from natural sources without added artificial ingredients.

The natural products are usually restricted to organic compounds isolated from natural sources that are produced by the pathways of primary or secondary metabolites.

Plants are remarkable factories that produce thousands of different compounds. These compounds, known as secondary metabolites, have astonishing characteristics, which is why they have been used for a variety of reasons since ancient times. Almost every product we utilize in our everyday lives today is based on one or more secondary metabolites.

What are Secondary Metabolites in simple terms?

Secondary metabolites originating from plants that were used mainly for medicinal & poison purposes as well as food.

Secondary metabolites are the products of primary metabolites and are produced from biosynthesis modifications, including methylation, glycosylations and hydroxylation.


It has been broadly documented that plant-rich sources of a variety of secondary metabolites can be used for medicinal & therapeutic purposes & there have been efforts to commercialise the production for human benefits.

So, here some information on commonly used plant secondary metabolites in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Plants are a rich source of a wide variety of bioactive compounds that can be used for the preparations of skin care, foods and other wellness products. These compounds are highly effective like-

Alkaloids- are the important secondary metabolites in plants. They are known to possess therapeutic properties. Alkaloids can be used in the production of tonics, creams, lotions, face and hair masks, compresses for skin problems with numerous inflammations, and discoloration and anti ageing products, as well as for reducing the formation of cellulitis. Alkaloids can be part of your routine through use of alkaloid rich herb’s steam distilled water like coffee, pepper, fenugreek etc.

Flavonoids- are phytochemical compounds present in many plants, fruits, vegetables, and leaves, with potential applications in medicines. Flavonoids possess a number of medicinal benefits, including anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties: and herbs like chamomile, pepper, parsley, saffron, fennel, ashwagandha, turmeric etc.are rich source of it.

Curcumin- It is an active component in Curcima longa that exhibits anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, wound-healing, & antimicrobial activities. Curcumin is being investigated for the treatment of various clinical conditions, especially as an antineoplastic agent against different kinds of cancer. It is a therapeutic nutrient used in skin care, food and wellness extensively.


Saponins- are a group of bitter-tasting chemicals that naturally occur in plants. Thay get their name from their ability to form soap-like foams in water. All parts of plants contain at least some saponins. This includes flowers, leaves, stems, bark, seeds and fruits. Plants like soapnuts, fenugreek, pulses and cereals etc. contain a significant amount of saponins that can be used for skin care and wellness.

Eugenol- is a volatile phenolic constituent of clove essential oil obtained from eugenia caryophllata buds and leaves. It is a functional ingredient of numerous products which have been used in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industry in restricted concentrations.

Coumarin- are naturally occurring active constituents of various plants. Coumarin has important applications in pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and dye industries.Herbs like cinnamon are rich with coumarin.

Tannin- is a type of chemical found in plants and in certain foods, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and tea. Tannins have antioxidant properties and may promote good health. They are being studied in the prevention of cancer, heart diseases and other diseases.It is quite a common nutrient found in many daily use herbs, fruits, nuts and seeds and it can be made part of skin care or wellness routine easily through herb waters, a chemical free extract rich with phytochemicals.

Glycosides- are an organic compound from plants and animal source which on enzymatic hydrolysis gives one or more sugar moieties. It is found in various herbs, nuts,seeds and fruits like, flaxseed, apricot etc are rich with glycoside.

Terpenoids- are the largest group of plant specialised secondary metabolites. These naturally occurring chemical compounds are highly diverse in chemical structure. Terpenoids have their role in plant defence against biotic and abiotic stresses or they are treated as signal molecules to attract the insects of pollination. It is sourced from thyme, cannabis, sage, and citrus fruits (lemon, orange, mandarin).

Quinine- is a type of alkaloid derived from the bark of the cinchona tree, it is used as an antimalarial drug, and is the active ingredient in extracts of the cinchona that have been used for various purposes. It is rich in nutrients found in lemon.

Limonene- is a chemical found in the peels of citrus fruits and in other plants. It is used to make medicine. It is used as a fragrance, cleaner (solvent), used in cosmetic products and personal care products. It is highly found in citrus fruits, rosemary, red pepper, chamomile, ginger and turmeric etc.

Linalool- refers to two enantiomers of a naturally occurring terpene alcohol found in many flowers and spice plants. It has multiple commercial applications. It is used in personal care products like soaps, shampoos and detergents, it exhibits antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It is found in various herbs, flowers like lavender, jasmine, coriander, bergamot etc.

Phenolic compounds- are the secondary metabolites, which are produced in the shikimic acid of plants and pentose phosphate through phenylpropanoid metabolization. They are found in most plant tissues, including fruits and vegetables like rosemary, thyme etc.

Vitamin C- is also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble nutrient found in some plants, and fruits. In the body, it acts as an antioxidant, helping to protect cells from the damage caused by free radicals. It is rich in citrus fruits ( lemon, orange), saffron, basil, turmeric powder etc.

Carotenoids- are essential pigments in plants, algae, and photosynthesis bacteria. These pigments produce the bright yellow, red and orange colours in plants, vegetables and fruits. Carotenoids act as a type of antioxidants for humans. It is found in herbs like basil, mint, parsley, rosemary, sage stc.

AHA- alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) are a group of plant and animal-derived acids used in a variety of skincare products. It is quite commonly found in citrus fruits, rosemary, basil, thyme, guava leaf etc.

Terpene- are the highly aromatic compounds that determine the smell of many plants and herbs, such as rosemary and lavender. It is used to create the flavours and scents of many everyday products, such as perfumes, body products, and even foods. It is mainly found in lemongrass, thyme, clove etc.

Betalains- are a family of natural pigments present in most plants of the order caryophyllales. They provide colours ranging from yellow to violet structures, that is other plants are coloured by anthocyanins. These include not only edible fruits and roots but also in flowers. It is mainly found in beetroot.

Essential Oils- are basically life force or say pran in a plant in the form of oil. They’re obtained by steam distillation processes from various parts of plants (flowers, bark, leaves or fruits) to capture the compounds that produce aroma, the volatile substance. Lavender, clove, peppermint, sweet lime, fennel, rosemary, eucalyptus, tulsi, mandarin, orange etc contain significant content of volatile substances useful to make use in skin care, food and wellness formulations.


Geraniol- is a monoterpenic alcohol with a pleasant rose-like aroma, known as an important ingredient in many essential oils, and is used commercially as a fragrance/aroma compound in cosmetic and household products. It has a number of biological activities, such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is commonly found in various herbs and spices like coriander, ginger, cinamon, nutmeg etc.

Lutein- is commonly obtained from green plants such as spinach. Lutein uses are mainly associated with the food industry, but it can also be used in the cosmetic industry as a skin-conditioning agent. It is quite commonly found in various spices and herbs like sage, coriander, red pepper etc.

Quercetin- is a plant flavonoid from the flavonoid group of polyphenols. It is found in many fruits, vegetables, leaves, seeds and grains are common foods containing appreciable amounts of it. Citrus fruits, parsley, sage, onions, teas, and olive oil are highly rich in quercetin.

Piperine- this alkaloid, extract from piper nigrum and other plant species, is mostly used in the health & wellness and cosmetic sector, particularly in fragrances as a scent. Piperine is highly rich in herbs like black pepper.

Anthocyanins- are coloured water-soluble pigments belonging to the phenolic group. The pigments are in glycosylated forms. Anthocyanins responsible for colours, red, purple,and blue, are in fruits and vegetables and herbs like clove, turmeric, grapes etc.

Organic acid- such as benzoic acids, parabens, sorbic acid, propionic acid, acetic acid, lactic acid, medium-size fatty acids, salts and their mixture possess as food preservatives.

Kaempferol- obtained from diverse plants, this flavonoid is often used as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in cosmetic formulations. Also, it can be used as a dye, emollient, softener, and conditioner. In recent studies, it was suggested that it can be a potential inhibitor of Covid-19 virus. It has rich sources of green leafy vegetables, like spinach etc.

Allicin- is a compound isolated from Allium sativum, has antifungal and anti-microbial properties. It is mainly used against human pathogens such as Pseudomonas and Streptococccus. It is highly rich in garlic, clove etc.

Menthol- is an organic compound, more specifically a monoterpenoid, made synthetically or obtained from the oils of mint, pippermint, or other mints. Menthol is used medicinally in ointments, cough drops, and nasal inhalers. It is also used as flavouring in foods, cigarettes, liqueurs, cosmetics and perfumes.

Ocimene- are monoterpenes found within a variety of plants & fruits. It offers a sweet, woody fragrance & holds various therapeutic properties, including antifungal activity. Mint, lavender, parsley,and basil are rich sources of ocimene.

Plants are the source of various phytochemicals, metabolites are used in medicinal and environmental sectors as well as widely used in commercial and pharmaceutical products. Although they produce a number of medicinal products, either already on the market or under trial, the amount obtained from plant sources are very minute or difficult to synthesise at an industrial level due to the complex chemical composition and chirality exhibited by these compounds. However, plant cell cultures offer a good alternative for the consistent production of desired secondary metabolites under the influence of precursors and elicitors.

There extracts are precisely designed for use in traditional skincare, food and wellness products, a centuries-old practice based on the use of plant botanicals for prevention of various disorders which is used by over 80% of the world as the primary form of health management with such a broad range in the quality and traceability of natural ingredients, it is essential to source traditional remedies from a trusted manufacturer & supplier such as Aadhunik Ayurveda.


Aadhunik Ayurveda is the preferred manufacturer of natural wholesome phytochemicals rich herb waters suitable for use in skin care, food, health and wellness.

  • Lab tested powerful phytochemicals rich herb waters
  • Edible phytochemicals
  • Prepared from plant parts only
  • Wholesome nutrients -powerful and highly therapeutic for human use
  • 100% chemical free & even preservative free

Aadhunik AYurveda is world famous amongst brands for its clean- plant derived phytochemicals rich formulation and therefore past a decade, it's one of the fastest growing skin care products manufacturer in India with its exports to countries like U.S, Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia etc.


1. Who is the best manufacturer and wholesaler of plant based or say phytochemicals based private label skin care & wellness products in India?

Aadhunik Ayurveda is the only 100% trusted name in the field of plant based skin care products or say phyto skin care products in India developing ingredients and formulating products in accordance to global guidelines by various bodies and therefore manufacture products for various global brands across the world.

2. Is phytochemical based face oil,body oil, hair oil etc. manufactured at Aadhunik Ayurveda really effective in delivering results?

Yes, certainly the products made using plant parts and in apt composition work in delivering quality results when used religiously as per guidance. We at Aadhunik Ayurveda always suggest brands to try the product first to their satisfaction and thereafter go for private labelling.